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In Grimoire, you play as a wizard collecting fragments of spells. One wizard is trying to end the world, the other is trying to save it. Players take it in turns to discover magic words, study incantations, and sabotage your opponent's manuscript. Who will be the quickest to utter their complete incantation? The fate of humanity is in your hands!

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Run out of manuscripts? Here is a downloadable form to print and cut out for future games. Alternatively, feel free to draw your own for the full 'Grimoire' experience.

Want to share the game with others? Here are some basic cards to print, cut out and use straight away, with optional backing:

Need a D10 quickly? Simply search 'roll dice' on Google, and click on the D10.

Instructions are included in the physical version of the game. If you'd like the digital file, email with your proof of purchase, and another sheet will be emailed over within 24hrs.

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