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The Bazaar

Est. 2008


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Selected Work (Hardback)

by Tim Grayson

Price: £10.00

Hardback selection of work by Tim Grayson, including early work (2003 - 2007), decadent romanticism (2008 - 2013) and the Belvoir residency (2014 - 2020).

For mature readers only.

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Tabletop Games

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Tatakai: A Game of Covert Warfare

by Tim Grayson

Price: £20.00

In Tatakai (Ta-Ta-Kai), you play as a warlord embroiled in an assassination plot. Players take it in turns to deploy mercenaries, dispatch enemy agents and attempt to infiltrate their rival’s camp. Can you eliminate your rival before your rival assassinates you?

Ages 5 +
2 players
10-15 minutes

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Grimoire : The Game

by Tim Grayson

Price: £12.00

In Grimoire (‘GRIM-WAHR’), you play as a wizard collecting fragments of spells. One wizard is trying to end the world, the other is trying to save it. You must both take it in turns to discover magic words, study incantations, and sabotage your opponent's manuscript. Who will be the quickest to utter their complete incantation? The fate of humanity is in your hands!

Ages 8 +
2 players
15-20 minutes

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Other Projects

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Leicester Literary Review: Book One (2022)

by Various Authors

Price: £9.99

A selection of original writing from Leicester writers and beyond, curated and edited by Tim Grayson.

Includes five short book reviews by Clifford Lee Sargent, the American YouTube better known online as 'Better Than Food'.

Also contains The Mists of Moloch, the first part of Tim Grayson's descent into The Damned Lands (due to be published late 2022).

Produced in partnership with Fox Books, Leicester.

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The Brothellian Manifesto

by Tim Grayson and Steven Silverman

Price: £5.00 (approx.)


An arts manifesto (24 pages)


'Ultimately, we envisage a society where the quill or the sketchbook holds as much sexual potency as the electric guitar; where the illustrator or poet is as much of a sex symbol as the rock star.' 


Quick fact:

Tim and Steve wrote this concise manifesto to offer practical advice, encouragement and lateral-thinking tips for every creative person to achieve their ambitions.


Available to order from The Book Depository and Amazon. Click below to be redirected.


Lament for Icarus

by Tim Grayson

Price: FREE


A melody (44 seconds)


Original composition by Tim Grayson.
Tidied, performed and recorded by a session pianist.


Quick fact:

Tim taught himself the basics of how to read and write music to pen this little melody to try to express the conflicting feelings of grief and admiration that must have been felt by those who witnessed Icarus fall, after he flew too close to the sun.


Available to stream and download below.

Lament for Icarus
00:00 / 00:45

Recommended Work

love and hate crime.jpg

Love and Hate Crime: S2 E1

Producer: Elliott Swinburn

Price: FREE for TV License payers


A documentary


After complaining of bullying, gay teenager Abel Cedeno takes a knife to his New York school and stabs a classmate to death

Grierson & RTS Nominated - 2018:
Best Documentary Series.


Quick fact:

Elliott is Tim's brother, and one of his favourite people. He's accompanied Tim to various public engagements (such as when Tim's work was displayed and performed at Christie's), and he documented Tim's USA tour in 2011. Since then, he's worked on countless projects with BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, CNN, Channel 4, Discovery, History & SyFy. Tim's very proud of him.

Available to watch on BBC iPlayer here.


Alphabet Spaghetti

by Stephen Thomas

Price: £8.00 (approx.)


An A-Z of poetry and prose.


This light-hearted book is recommended for anyone who appreciates alliteration and welcomes wordplay.


Quick fact:

Stephen Thomas was an equally prominent member of the Brothellian movement. He co-wrote the Brothellian Manfesto  under the pseudonym of 'Steven Silverman', and Tim remains firm friends with him to this day. He is now pursuing a career in music.

Available to order from Waterstones. Click below to be redirected. 

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The Mirror Thief

by Martin Seay

Price: £9.99 (approx.)

A globetrotting, time-bending, wildly entertaining literary masterpiece in the era-and-genre-spanning tradition of Cloud Atlas (Sceptre, 2004).


Quick fact:

Martin Seay and Kathleen Rooney provided vital feedback on the first draft of The Brothellian Manifesto, and were kind enough to host Tim on his first tour of the USA (2011).

Available to purchase from most physical and digital book shops, inc. Waterstones and Amazon. Click below to be redirected.


A Beautiful Lie

by Irfan Master

Price: £9.99 (approx.)

Set in India during the summer of 1947, A Beautiful Lie follows the tumultuous events of the Partition of India through the eyes of Bilal who is looking after his ill father.


Quick fact: Irfan was a notable supporter of the Brothellian movement.

Available to purchase from most physical and digital book shops, inc. Waterstones and Amazon. Click below to be redirected.


Cher Ami and Major Whittlesey

by Kathleen Rooney

Price: £13.00 (approx.)

A heart-tugging and gorgeously written novel based on the incredible true story of a WWI messenger pigeon and the soldiers whose lives she forever altered, from the bestselling author of Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk.


Quick fact:

Kathleen Rooney and Martin Seay provided vital feedback on the first draft of The Brothellian Manifesto, and were kind enough to host Tim on his first tour of the USA (2011).

Available to purchase from most physical and digital book shops, inc. Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Click below to be redirected.

Gail Potocki.png
Gail Potocki 2.jpg

The Union of Hope and Sadness: The Art of Gail Potocki

by Thomas Negovan

Price: £49.99 (approx.)

A lavish hardcover full of emotionally charged portraits depicting the artist's subconscious explorations and environmental concerns as physical characters.


Quick fact:

Tim interviewed Gail on her FREAKS art collection, which made the cover story of Zymbol in 2015, and a signed collector's print of Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy still hangs in his daughter's bedroom.

Available to purchase from Century Guild, a private museum, art gallery, and archive specializing in artworks 1880-1920 with emphasis on Art Nouveau & Symbolism. Click below to be redirected.

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